Rogue Trader Rulebook – page 224.

You’ve always wanted to visit, ever since you saw that page. 

Like Heldenhofen – City of Heroes, Helsreach is a first for Bring Out Your Lead. Rather than trying to organise one huge game on a big table, the idea is to create a spectacular table with a whole suite of games sprawled across it, broadly linked by narrative.

The GM team (consisting chiefly of Curtis Fell and Aiden Baxter) will be setting up a large table’s worth of town and wasteland for the weekend. If you want to join in they’ll will be running the town all day Saturday. The table will be set up of the whole weekend, however.

The gang who makes the most profit over the weekend will be the winner. To earn money players can buy and sell tradeable goods, steal from other players (and so earn a bounty on your heads) or do bounty hunting.

Gangs can bring vehicles. All vehicles are free from points cost, and will be suitably nerfed. Please treat them as a way to get around the huge table, and as theme for your gang.


Friday afternoon will see a raid on a goods caravan entering the town. This will be defenders vs. attackers. Best bring a vehicle or something to go in the caravan.

There will be a jet bike race at about lunch time on Saturday. All day Saturday will be gang fights in or around the town, and trading.


The jet bike rules are shrouded in mystery. Basically, you bring a Bike, get given a sheet and some upgrade cards. Then the race is on! It’s easy and we will explain it on the day.


There will be some hidden bonuses and other things for those who take the time to investigate.


In general we will be using the Necromunda rules. Shooting weapons will be using Inquisimunda stats. However, we will be using the normal Warhammer combat rules, with “to hit/to wound” charts.

This will be combat using the 40k 4th ed rules. Where the “to hit” table to hit equal WS is 4+.

Vehicle Rules are specified below.

While keeping everything Warhammer, to have many players and not slow to an unbearable crawl there are some changes to turn structure. Players all take their turns at the same time. Trust us, this works out pretty well. There will be a way to determine priority of who acts first in case of conflict.

So the turn will be:



  • Declare Charges, ramming or running over
  • Move
  • Actions
  • Bottle Tests


  • Shoot
  • Combat
  • Trade
  • Place Bet
  • Move Zone
  • Respawn


Each player has a gang at normal starting costs chosen from Necromunda, Inquisimunda or Shadow War Armageddon. (Please note that some Inquisimunda gangs get more than the usual 1000 creds to spend. Read the rules for your gang!)

Any gang members may buy extra experience at 10 Credits for D6 experience.


There will be 4 factions in game. Players must choose one:

  • HELSREACH TOWN COUNCIL: The police, Mayor and other NPCs. Players can’t be in this faction.
  • TRADERS: Miners, Rogue Traders, etc. These receive the protection of the local police.
  • SANCTIONED MERCENARIES: These may capture outlaws and collect their bounty. They are usually ignored by the local police.
  • OUTLAWS: Open season! Outlaws will need to sneak into the town, will be harassed by everyone but can steal as much as they like.


If your gang attacks at another gang or indeed gets attacked, then both gangs are engaged in a “Skirmish”.

Skirmish lasts until one gang bottles and are essentially in an “instance”. Winner gets bounty or may rob the losers. More specific rules to follow.


When gangs bottle it, they respawn at the Health Center. Any injuries are healed. The gang misses next turn.


There will be points on the board where your models can “teleport” to other parts of the board. This is just to make sure the game runs smoothly and the GMs will stop it being abused! Also look for the portal to a city in the realm of fantasy!


Players can make money by Trading, Bounty or Stealing

  • BOUNTY: Take criminal gangers to the police
  • STEALING:  Criminals can sell stolen goods at their own trader.
  • TRADING: Sell your stock of goods. Prices change during the day!


Gangs can bring a stock of goods to sell during the day. Players have 100 creds extra on top of their gang creds to buy stock. Players may also spend their staring gang creds to buy stock (this will mean a weaker gang, more easily robbed!)


Vehicles are free to include in your gang. You can mount weapons on them as you choose, but the weapon costs come out of your gang creds.


Vehicles may only increase their speed by half of their Movement each turn. So vehicles go from 0 to full speed in 2 turns.


Manoeuverability shows how many degrees a vehicle may spin each turn. A vehicle may spin any amount of degrees at any point in its movement. Vehicles may make multiple spins each turn as long as the total is not more than it’s Manoeuverability. This rule is to make moving simple, so just estimate, usually in 45, 90 or 180 degree spins.


If a vehicle takes more than 3 damage in a single turn it may take Special Damage.

Roll a D6:

  • 1-3 Minor Mishap
  • 4-6 Major Damage
Minor Mishap
  1. Spins D6 x D6 degrees
  2. Grinds to a halt and may not move next turn
  3. Driver spills their beverage, so is pinned
  4. Lurches forward D6 inches
  5. Random Passenger(or driver) falls off and is pinned
  6. Chips the paint work.
Major Damage
  1. Spins D6 x D6 x D6 degrees
  2. Immobilised
  3. Everyone on board is pinned
  4. Lurches 3D6″ in random direction
  5. Severe crash. Everyone on board must pass an Initiative test or take a wound – armour saves apply as normal
  6. Destroyed. D6″ Diameter explosion, at S2+D3


Models in a vehicle or mounted on one are in hard cover at all times. You need actual line of sight to be able to hit them.


Roll to attack vehicles as normal. Vehicles count as WS 1.


To get on or off a moving vehicle, take an Initiative test. If failed, the figure is placed off the vehicle at a random point and is pinned.


  • Declare your Ram at the start of the turn.
  • The target driver may attempt to dodge the ram.
  • To dodge a ram attempt roll equal or under the driver’s Initiative.
  • Target vehicle will take D6 Damage.
  • The Rammer takes 1 Damage.



  • Declare your Ram at the start of the turn.
  • Characters may attempt a dodge.
  • To dodge a run-over attempt roll equal or under Initiative.
  • If they fail to dodge roll a dice. On the roll of a 6 the model is injured, although they may take their armour roll.
  • If roll 1-5 then they are pinned.

Developed on the Oldhammer Forum.


Ruleset: Mashup – Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition, Gorka Morka, Necromunda, Shadow Wars & custom. Just do what the GM says, really…