Somewhere close the borders of Bretonnia and the Empire, to be precise in a forgotten valley in the Grey Mountains, lies the small and hardworking halfling community of Lupthofen.

Known throughout the old world for their culinary skills, halflings of this area seems to have become particularly famous for a type of cheese and its the wonderful (magical) effects.

Called by the Dukes of Brittany “Brie du Lupthofen” and from the imperial accounts “Lupthofenkase”, both great nations have always proudly claimed the property on its dairy products, without ever actually clearings who was the real owner of the village and its lands. Masters in the art of diplomacy, the Lupthofen seniors have used over the centuries the prodigious cheese and promises to share in the near future the mysterious recipe to always claim their indipendecy from both powers, becoming de facto one of the few communities free from abuse of intrusive neighbors.

All this worked until the hot summer of 2512, year known for the great drought that hit the Old World, making arid green pastures needed for the production of the famous dish.

To further aggravate matters, both Nations demanded a large supply of cheese in the same period, making it impossible for halfings meet the full demand:

Duke Francois de Reine , intending to grab the favor of Louen court with a “rich gift of HIS realm” inevitably came into conflict with the Duke Maximilian Strasse, determined in turn to win the hand of the Countess of Talabecland through the powers mysterious of the dish, becoming Elector Count in turn. Both do not know, however, that the secret ingredient for the magic cheese is nothing but the terrible Warp Stone, collected by halflings in a village not far from them, where thousands years before a huge Morslieb meteorite fell from the sky.

Both the Bretons that the imperial, unaware that the legendary effects of the dish can be traced back to the primordial Chaos matter (and to dire side effects), do not have the slightest intention of missing the word at home and both decide to ” visit “Lupthofen to get what they want …this inevitably lead to collide!

Given the area fraught with danger where the halfling communities is, both nobles organize their armies to occupy the village “until delivery occurred”.

In addition to this, both armies are unaware that Halfings are not willing to concede their freedom to foreign occupation forces and with the money they collected in years of tradings they hired a huge mercenary force few week before the inevitable confrontation.
Knowing that this battle gonna lead to slavery or freedom, the same halfings feed themselves with the magic cheese to obtain the necessary strength (with a few hiccups) to defend their village!

Game Details

The scenario can be played with ANY race (or mix ) we want. You want to run a full hobgoblin army? Go for that. Chaos+Wood Elves with a decent motivation? You’re in. Dwarves? Good. The original scenario was written with Bretonnia and The Empire in mind, but the sides are not locked, so we can change the playing races in any way we want. There s nothing fixed.

Army sizes are aimed at about 2,500 points.

The only important thing to know is that there are three different armies with three different objectives (secret). People can team-up to form a greater army if we have enough players.

This is a scenario ,not a tournament. Don’t spend too much time in army composition. Just fill in what you like and remember that your gaming joy is directly connected to the opponent ‘s be polite! Seriously, use what you like and mixup whatever ally you love! This is Warhammer at its finest .

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Ruleset: WFB 4th/5th Edition