The Grox is a large, reptilian creature native to the Solomon system.

Many years ago this system was absorbed into the Imperium, and it was quickly discovered that the animal possessed several remarkable and potentially useful qualities. Grox proved extremely palatable and nutritious, and experiments at farming were largely successful, since Grox thrive on just about any food, no matter how poor or indigestible.

Apart from being able to eat vegetable or animal matter, Grox are capable of digesting minerals directly from rocks and soil, and can survive for a good many weeks on such a diet. The only drawback discovered to wholesale exploitation of the grox was their temperament.


Grox were mean!

An adult averages approximately 5 metres long, is well muscled, fast, aggressive and likes its privacy. By nature territorial and loners, it was difficult to keep the animals together without driving them into a rage in which Grox and their handlers were likely to lose life and limb.


The solution to the problem was to lomotomise most of the stock, while keeping breeding animals suppressed by using elecro-pulsers wired directly into their rather small brains. Chemical sedation is also used, but is less predictable.

Even with these sensible precautions accidents still happen and it is usual for Grox to be kept on isolated agricultural worlds, or as far as possible from human settlement.

The Game

This will be a fast paced, action card driven game of up to 6 players.

Participants will be encouraged to model and bring a Grox herder, but some spares will be available for use.

More detail on the Oldhammer Forum.

Ruleset: Rogue Trader