This year Chris will be bringing along Snorcton Speedway and leaving it set up for anyone to have a go at. He won’t be there all the time as he has other things to play and run – if you want to play simply find a few other people who want to race and go for it. If you have a snorcling space hopper of your own (or squigs, goblins on pogo sticks etc) feel free to bring it to race, and there will be 4 space hoppers with the board for anyone to use.

There will be a score sheet next to the board. Name your snorcling on it and use it to record the points you score. You can race as many times as you like (or can find opponents for). You score 3 points for first place, 2 points for second place or 1 point for third. There will be a small prize for the player who scores the most points.

Preparing Your Snorcling

Choose one ability for your Snorcling Space Hopper:

  • Onna Stick – Provide encouragement once per race. At the end of any of your turns, take another turn.
  • Racing Stripes – Move 1 extra space, but must always choose the highest throw.
  • Iron Bum – Provides a 4+ save against popping your hopper.
  • Spikey Bits – May re-roll when an opponent bounces on you.
  • Big Stompy Boots – May re-roll when you bounce on someone.
  • Sticky Plasters – Once per game, if your hopper pops you may fix it. This takes a turn.

The Rules

These will also be placed near the board.

Racers line up on the start line and choose someone at random to take the first turn.

In your turn:

Roll one die. If you don’t like it you can roll another. In fact, roll as many as you like. But watch out! If you roll a double, consult this table:

  1. Double 1 – Bounce exactly one space this turn.
  2. Double 2 – Bounce on the spot and miss your turn.
  3. Double 3 – Bounce on the spot and miss your turn.
  4. Double 4 – Bounce the wrong way! 2 spaces backwards.
  5. Double 5 – Bounce the wrong way! 4 spaces backwards.
  6. Double 6 – Up, up and away! You have bounced too high and sail off into the distance and out of the race.

Then pick one of your dice to use. Move exactly that many spaces forward on the track.

If you land on a Pointy Obstacle, roll another die. On a 4+ your Space Hopper will pop and you are out of the race!

If you land on a Sticky Obstacle, you lose your next movement pulling free.

If you land on another Snorcling, you must fight! Roll on the Chart below:

  1. Pop! Your Space Hopper pops.
  2. Bounce 2 spaces back.
  3. Bounce 1 space back.
  4. Bounce 1 space forward.
  5. Bounce 2 spaces forward.
  6. Splat! Flatten opponent.