Table bookings are now open.

That is to say, you may now book tables. Just click the button over there. Just down there. That’s right. Clickety-click!

But, I hear you ask, what about the game bookings? When I push that ultra-compelling button above, all I see are tables.


In previous years, we’ve always attempted to align game organisers with their players by providing a booking facility for players to book into the games. The technical capability is there. What we’ve not found, however, is a strong demand for this from the game organisers – simply put, they are quite happy to manage through Facebook or Oldhammer Forum posts.

So who are we to change that? Rather than create more work by having them manage to sets of listings, we’ve decided to leave the participation arrangements where the game organisers are most comfortable and simply link to that discussion.

Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you can’t book for games – it just means that you need to register your interest on the forums instead of here.