Post-BOYL Depression

After BOYL, comes PAYL – Packing Away Your Lead (Paint All Your Lead? Pay for All Your Lead??).

PAYL is depressing.

Not as depressing as missing BOYL, I suppose. If you did, you can see what happened on these blogs.

Caught up? Excellent – we still have work to do.

What remains for us (that is, we of the wargaming community) to do now is to send our enormous gratitude to the Foundry team. Seated in chairs of the front row of the picture above you will see (from left to right): Sam, Harry, Tony, Bryan, Diane, Marcus, Lucy and Paul.  Not pictured is Maria, because the scene you are looking at is taken from her perspective, with her camera (by her, if you’re struggling to keep up).

They are the powerhouse of Foundry.

And, therefore, of BOYL.

They cover every aspect of what makes BOYL work. A vast range of activity that is critical to the event, but (un)fortunately mostly uninteresting to read if listed, say, on a website. Nevertheless, I’ll take a stab:

Sam: Many thanks for tending to your day job whilst fielding all of my weird little side requests! Also, cheers for bringing the titans – loads of people loved those!

Harry: Thank you for cheerfully manning the bar and ensuring that gamers and bacon were united in blissful breakfast butties. I know you’re also carrying a wide variety of unusual and non-related tasks that keep things ticking over. Also, late nights and early mornings? Madness! Thank you!

Tony: Thank you for the BOYL flyers for Salute. For managing the painting non-contest we don’t run. Also, drawing. And looking after those crazy, eclectic, early sculpts. Many, many thanks.

Bryan: I guess we owe all of this to you. Figures, rules, the site itself, the Wargames Foundry, the Ansell family (okay, that’s not ALL you 🙂 ) – the whole lot. Thank you for sharing all of these with us. I say thank you, because these are the only words I have. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Diane: The Conductor. Between the lot of us, we supply a cacophony of ideas and capabilities, but you orchestrate them into a cohesive, operational event. Not only that, buy you manage with intuition and empathy, something we don’t consciously identify when its happening, but something we can all feel and benefit from. Again, ‘thank you’ seems such an ineffective phrase, but its all we have. Thank you.

Marcus: You’re actually TOO kind. I think I speak for many of us when I say I feel like I’m taking advantage of you. Nothing is too hard and everything is possible. That’s a broad statement, and I guess to readers it seems ‘glib’, but the breadth of your desire and ability to help us is simply astonishing. Thank you.

Lucy: Another set of broad skills that just glue the whole lot together. Partly, I just want to say thank you for putting up with wargamers, but equally, I want to say thank you for filling the myriad of curious gaps that pop up over the weekend. Thank you!

Paul: Many thanks for keeping us safe. I had no idea how much security activity actually takes place and, indeed, the number of people you’ve turned away to protect us and our lead – thank you.

Maria: Clearly, the photography is spot on. But its also things like the BOYL flyer and your long suffering patience with all of our arbitrary requests, often off the back of tasks initiated by other Foundry colleagues and family members without them telling you. You never drop the ball – thank you.

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: going to BOYL is more like going to visit our doting aunt and uncle in the country than it is attending a war-games event. And, because they love us so, they’ll happily watch from the sidelines as we play our silly games with our silly friends, whooping and cheering as the real world passes us by outside. So, quite apart from a reasonably trivial attempt to say thanks above, we say thank you for making the event feel like this. That’s no mean feat in 2018!

Fine, so that’s all well and gushing and good. But what are we supposed to do about the PAYL depression?!? 

Apparently, giving praise to others helps us to feel better. So let’s continue! Further thanks go out to community members:

Colin Murray: The Voice of Oldhammer, who surely trains drill sergeants so that they know how to shout at soldiers properly. It was he who shocked and terrified you into the photograph. Thank you!

James Taylor: For helping to not judge the painting non-contest we don’t run. Thank you!

Curtis Fell: For running Helsreach again – a table that is quickly becoming a scenario and a reason to come to BOYL all in itself. Thank you!

Steve Beales: All of us are hugely grateful for you putting together the Shrine of Rigg brick by painstaking brick. This is the lunacy that defines BOYL. Thank you!

PAYL Depression?

We”re getting there. The other games organisers (that I know about, some games snuck in there): Chris Cale, Jon Boyce, Geoff Simms, Alex Jelley, Tom Reynolds, Aidan Baxter, John Ratcliffe, Mark Elsdon, Nicholas Harding, Peter Acs, Jean-Baptiste Garidel and Matt ‘D’. I suspect these aren’t all the group games, but that’s what I have. I apologise if I’ve not mentioned you (and added to your PAYL depression).

PAYL Depression! HELP ME!

Yes, about that. The best I have to offer is the dates of Bring Out Your Lead 2019:


2-4th August, 2019.


See you next year!


Paint something. You have this much time: